Why Vitamin D Is So Important

Have you ever asked yourself why vitamin D is so important to your body? If you haven’t, then you should be doing so right away. There are several reasons why the human body needs vitamin D. In order to promote bone growth, the body needs to absorb calcium. However, it cannot do so without vitamin D. People who lack vitamin D, often end up with soft bones. Children can end up fragile and with rickets. For adults, the end result is osteomalacia.

If that wasn’t enough, being vitamin D deficient will also lead to several types of cancers. They include prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. There is also a link to heart disease, weight gain and depression. Other maladies have been linked to vitamin D deficiency as well. With so many benefits which derive from vitamin D, it is no wonder it is called the sunshine vitamin. In fact, vitamin D is produced by your body when it is exposed to sunlight. There are several supplements and foods you can obtain vitamin D from, besides the sunlight.

Countless of research have proven that vitamin D can help fight diseases. Studies have found that the vitamin, plays a great role in diminishing a person’s risk to multiple sclerosis. For those that don’t want to get the flu, it is imperative that they keep their bodies full of vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D can lead to your bones becoming weak as well as heart disease.

Although some studies on vitamin D have been inconclusive, the importance of it should not be ignored. For the most part, we do know for sure that vitamin D is crucial to calcium. Without it, the human body will not be able to produce strong bones. Research has also found that the vitamin can aid in regulating the immune system. Moreover, it is also very good for regulating the neuromuscular system. In the life cycle of human cells, the vitamin also plays an important role.

If you are looking to lose weight, then you may want to stack up on your vitamin D. It has shown to boost the chances of a person to lose weight in several studies. Scientist took a group of people and gave some placebo supplements. The others were given Vitamin D and calcium supplements. In the end, those who took the calcium and vitamin D, loss more weight than the placebo counterparts.

Our human bodies understands the importance of vitamin D. It is part of the reason it makes it on its own once we are exposed to sunlight. For people who live in northern climates, it is a huge problem though. In fact, only those who live in cities south of Columbia, S.C., to Los Angeles, receive sufficient sunlight to obtain annual vitamin D production.

To avoid being vitamin D deficient, make sure you watch out for areas which have high pollution. Also, don’t use too much sunscreen unless you have to. Avoid spending too much time inside. And it may be a problem for those who live in areas with tall buildings. The buildings will likely block the sunlight from reaching them. If you fall under any of these categories, then be sure to buy vitamin D supplements right away.